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Jedi Training Star Wars Party

My son wanted a Star Wars party for his 5th birthday. So I put together a 2 hour party plan based on the theme ‘Jedi training academy’ and held it at the local village hall. This party is not for the faint-hearted and requires a lot of planning but if you are a glutton for punishment here goes:

0.00-0.02 This party works better if you put children into teams from the beginning. Give each child a sticker so they know what team they are on. Give the teams names such as Yoda team, Skywalker team, Force team etc. Organise with family and friends before the party who is going to look after each team. If you have twenty children, divide them into four or five teams.

0:02-0.05 Each child made a light sabre with coloured tape and insulation foam. I got the insulation foam for the local DIY shop for 85p and cut the foam in two to make two light sabres. The children then wrapped coloured tape around the light sabre. Blue was the most popular colour but we had red, yellow and green tape too.

0.05-0.15 We told the children that in order to get a certificate at the end for completing their Jedi training they had to complete certain tasks including learning about the Star Wars planets and key characters.
The children then completed a Star Wars quiz on planets and characters in teams. You have to place around the room information and picture sheets on different planets and characters in Star Wars. The children go around in teams answering the quiz. The first team with all the answers gets Star Wars stickers/sweets.

0.15-0.25 Children learnt some Jedi moves. My husband got dressed up in a Jedi cloak (ordered on Amazon) and a Judo outfit borrowed from a friend and pretended to be Obi Wan Kenobi. I dressed up as Padme Amidala. We adapted musical statues for Star Wars. We had a CD player and used Star Wars music. When we stopped the music, we showed large pictures of different Star Wars character in different positions and the children had to get into position. After the children had done all the positions, we told them they had completed stage one of their Jedi training.

0.25-0.35 We constructed an obstacle course inside. You can do this using play tunnels covered with black material, a ball pit, hoop rings that the children have jump in and out of, cones that the children have to run in and out of, a large piece of old carpet/blanket covered with smaller pieces of material that they have to jump on to cross over.

0.35-0.50 We took the children outside for an extended obstacle course in the playground and field next to the village hall. They had to balance on wooden beams outside, run round play equipment and run up the field.

0.50-0.60 I copied pictures of angry birds storm troopers and Darth Vader some paper and stuck them to some old polystyrene foam that had been used for packaging a TV. In teams, the children had to line up in front of each polystyrene foam storm trooper/Darth Vader. The children had to use Nerf guns with only one foam bullet per team to shoot the polystyrene foam storm trooper/Darth Vader down. Each team of four children was supervised by an adult for safety.

2013-10-13 09.11.54

1.00-1.20 The children had to make a spaceship out of an old cardboard box. Each team had lots of coloured tape and lots of scrap craft materials. We gave them lots of old pieces of wrapping paper to bulk up the craft materials. They also had pipe cleaners, stickers and foil to decorate their spaceships. They did not need scissors as they just tore the bits of craft paper up and the adult supervising each team tore off bits of coloured tape for them. The tape we used was easy to tear-very much like masking tape. This activity could go on for up to 30 minutes as the children loved it.


2013-10-05 17.05.00


1.20-1.30 To finish we tied piñatas that looked like storm troopers and death stars on to some climbing bars in the playground and the children had to hit them with a stick to get the sweets out. While my husband did the piñata in the playground a group of us, tidied up all the craft materials for making the spaceships.

How to make piñatas: The piñatas were made from blown up balloons covered with papier-mâché. You use strips of newspaper with diluted white PVA glue (wipe off any excess glue) and cover the balloon once with strips of the newspaper and allow to dry. Once dry, add a second layer with newspaper strips. Then do a third layer with strips of white paper and allow to dry. Once you have covered your balloon with three layers, the outside should be strong enough for you just to pop the balloon inside. To make a storm trooper, draw a face on the white paper with a black permanent marker. To make a death star, spray with silver craft paint and use a black permanent marker pen to draw lines on. Use a small screwdriver to make two holes either side of the piñata so that you can thread some string through to tie the piñata up. Then fill with lots of wrapped sweets. An easier option is to buy a football piñata and spray with silver paint to make it into a death star. However, each piñata costs £10 without any sweets in and we had three. So to cut costs, I made them. My son also found it a fun craft activity.

1.30-1.32 Jedi Meditation. The children came back in and sat down. They had to close their eyes and imagine floating into the air using the force for 2 minutes.

1.32-1.35 The children received their Jedi training certificate (their names were written on the certificates in advance). After each child received it they went and sat down at the table for their birthday tea. They had Star Wars stickers to decorate their party box, which had their birthday tea inside.

1.35-1.55 When all the children were sat down, we sang Happy Birthday to my son. He blew out the candles on the cake and the children ate their birthday tea.

2013-10-05 16.48.36

Star Wars Birthday cake-Two tier madeira cake covered with marble swirly grey icing to make it look like space. To make the marble effect fondant icing, I used white fondant icing and added some black food dye in streaks. I then rolled the dye into the icing. I used royal icing and an icing pen with a small point to make little dot stars all over the cake. I also cut little stars and put them on the top of the cake in white and blue fondant icing. I used Lego Star Wars Figures to finish and black ribbon to tidy the edges of the cake.

1.55-2.00 The children were given a piece of birthday cake and their party bag.

We tidied up and went home to treat ourselves to our favourite takeaway and some wine! We needed it!